Nestbox Summary for 2013

This year showed a light increase in the number of fledged Mountain Bluebirds. Out of 125 eggs that were laid 99 young fledged (79% success rate). The year was slightly better than last year but four nest were abandoned probably due to colder weather. There were three second nesting attempts which can be attributed to very nice weather in July and August.


Mountain bluebirds


Again thee was a slight increase in the number of fledging increase in the number of fledgings but we also found a number of abandoned nest and nest where there was no evidence of either the eggs that where laid or that the yound had successfully fledged. A late post season check made a it difficult to determine the cause. Although the number of fledgings increased this year, the number of boxes used were down slightly. This year we recorded approximately181 eggs laid in 33 nests and 116 young fledged (64% success rate compared to a 71% rate the year before). Good summer weather in the months of July and Aug were a contributing factor to a continued improving results.


tree swallows




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