About Us
Chickadee Acres is a 30 acre ( 12.5 ha ) plot of land. We are located on Billeter Ridge in the beautiful Bulkley Valley of British Columbia overlooking the town of Smithers. The Bulkley Valley is located north of Vancouver, B.C.
Chickadee 2
Chickadee Acres gets it name from all the chickadees that visit our bird feeders every day. At times they freely take seeds out of your hands. Not only do we see lots of chickadees but a wide variety of other birds from the deck of our house.
We have also created a nearby pond to attract aquatic pond life,waterfowl and wildlife.
We now offer a BC Tourism approved bed and breakfast, so other bird lovers can enjoy the wide variety of birds that we see and enjoy everyday. Many guest find watching the birds at out feeders a highlight of their visit while eating a deluxe continental breakfast.
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