The Mountain Bluebird ( Sialia currucoides ) is one of the most strikingly coloured summer bird of the Bulkley Valley. The male Mountain Bluebird can arrive as early as the beginning of March when the ground is still covered with snow. Depending on the weather, they may begin nesting before the end of April. The young hatch during the month of May and usually 4 to 6 young fledge in the first two weeks of June. In good years with warm and drier weather some Mountain Bluebirds will hatch a second nest in the month of July.

The Mountain Bluebird has responded well to nestboxes in the Bulkley Valley and appear to be more common in the last 20 years than 70's and 80's. Older residents have said they were quite common in the 1950's and early 60's.

Look at last year's Population Graphs and Nestbox Usage.

This particular nestbox trail is a small one of about 50 paired boxes ( slightly over a hundred boxes in total ). Boxes are found on several scenic rural roads east of Smithers. The most successful boxes are found along Telkwa High Road and Snake Road.

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